Applications for 2019 are now closed. Applications will open for 2020 1.3.20.

Hanmer Springs Fete is an exclusive shopping event held in the heart of North Canterbury offering high quality stalls from all over New Zealand.

It is a contemporary version of a much loved kiwi tradition that takes place in the historical Queen Mary Hospital Grounds at the beginning of North Canterbury's glorious spring- a major fixture of the North Canterbury Showcase events calendar.

Held on a Friday beneath the stunning established trees of the historical grounds, the fete includes more than 100 trade stalls and are available in a variety of sizes. All trade stalls are kept protected with night security before, during and after the Show. The Fete provides a great opportunity to business of all kinds to showcase products services and innovations to a large range of buyers in one spectacular location.

Trade exhibitor application forms are available from the 1st of April every year.

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

All stallholders must read and understand the Exhibitors Terms & Conditions of the Hanmer Springs Fete. Read the Terms & Conditions here..

Basic Safety Rules

  • Report any significant hazards immediately to the fete office.

  • All accidents must be reported to and recorded by the Health and Safety Manager.

  • Wear protective safety equipment appropriate to the task being undertaken and always abide by industry, manufacturers and workplace guidelines.

  • Use guards on tools and equipment as designed and ensure all equipment is in safe working order.

  • Ensure safe and suitable power supply to all tools and equipment especially around any wet areas. Always use residual current devices (RCD’s) and ensure tools are maintained and tagged / certified for work undertaken.

  • When using lifting equipment, do not overload. Secure load and always move with caution.

  • If task requires you to physically lift anything, ensure you use correct lifting technique.

  • Strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Do not exceed the on fete site speed limit of 10km per hour.

  • Keep all work areas as clean and as tidy as is practical.

  • The Hanmer Springs Fete Committee observe the Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990 – abide by this at policy at all times.

  • Practice good hygiene at all times.

  • This is a public place and care and caution must be observed at all times.

Food Stall Information

All Food outlets must have prior approval from the Council.

The Food Act 2014 details the standards for preparation, storage, handling and display of food, as well as worker conduct. The new Act promotes food safety by focusing on the processes of food production, not the premises where food is made.  For example, someone who makes and sells food from a food truck must follow the same rules as someone who makes and sells food at a restaurant. The Council’s Environmental Health Unit has developed an application form which you need to complete and return to the Council PRIOR to our event.

The questions on the form allow the Hurunui Council to assess whether appropriate food safety measures are in place to ensure that safe food is provided at our event. The Hurunui District Council will contact you if further details are required.

Visit the Hurunui District Council here..
To download the full application form…