Lordship Linens

Here at Lordship Linens, we're creating beatiful things from beautiful textiles that come from a natural source.  We will sometimes use man made fibres- but sparingly - and we only use quality! We know that by using natural fibres our garments are more 'honest' and feel comfortable to wear.

We aim to design uncluttered pieces - that work together easily, to help you feel confident in your everyday choices. We believe that life is not about looking perfect, like a picture from PINTEREST, it's about feeling fantastic as a woman, comfortable with ourselves and we hope our clothing will help you project this greatness on the outside.

We love versatility- a dress that is perfect for the beach and equally suitable for a wedding, or one that can be thrown over jeans and chunky boots to dress it down. Elegance with an understated edge defines us- and we cut for real sized women with real proportions.

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